Save yourself or your employees hours of work. Do not longer copy and paste information from one database to another. Work faster and more efficient by letting Multi Data Extender transform and transfer your data.


Multi Data Extender can be used for all kinds data from all kinds of sources. It can transform your data for reuse in any format you desire.



Multi Data Extender protects your data thoroughly in various ways. By letting the software transferring your data accurate and secure, small mistakes that can occur within manual labor are prevented. The system is secured with unique license codes and personal passwords, preventing unauthorized access. Any authorization has to be done in person. There is audit trailing for every transaction made from one database to another. In this way documentary evidence of any activity is provided. Further, does MDE itself not save any data, it only transforms data and passes it to other destinations. Your data are protected thoroughly by the MDE software, making working with Multi Data Extender safe and secure.



Don’t spend much time learning to work with another kind of software. Multi Data Extender is user-friendly and easy to work with. The software can be customized to your specific desires. Let Multi Data Extender ease your work.



Comply with legislation

Institutions as your bank or insurance company might demand particular data formats from your company within a short time span. Partners or clients might have certain requirements to the information you share with them. Multi Data Extender can facilitate a fast transfer to any demanded format, so you can comply with your partner’s procedures or with formal legislation of the institutions you depend on.